Mobilift CX

The most portable wheelchair lift on the market – Available for purchase and hire

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How simple is the Mobilift to use?

A: It’s extremely simple to use, anyone can use it, just turn the highly-geared crank handle clockwise to lift the person up and anti-clockwise to lower them, there’s nothing to it.

Q: Is the Mobilift available to hire and if so, what’s the minimum hire period.

A: We have a fleet of Mobilifts available for hire, they can be booked for hire periods varying from 1 day up to multiple months, so you only pay for the time you need the lift for.

Q: What’s the maximum height the Mobilift can lift someone to?

A: The standard Mobilift CX has a maximum lifting height of 1.52m (60inches). All our hire units lift to this height. There is another version of the Mobilift that has a maximum lifting height of 1.83m (72inches) but this is only available if you’re purchasing a Mobilift.

Q: What certification does the Mobilift have and is there anything we need to consider in terms of testing or maintenance?

A: All the Mobilifts sold or made available for hire are fully CE Certified and carry up to date LOLER testing certificate. If you purchase a Mobilift you’ll need to ensure that you have the unit LOLER tested every six months, we can arrange this for you.

Q: Is the Mobilift suitable for outdoor use?

A: Yes, the Mobilift was developed for the Canadian rail industry and has therefore been designed to tolerate the most extreme of weather conditions and the lack of batteries, electrical components or external power source means that it can be used pretty much anywhere.

Q: What is the cost of purchasing a Mobilift?

A: The price of a standard Mobilift CX is £7350.00 (Ex VAT), this includes training and delivery to any mainland UK address.

Q: What is the cost of hiring the Mobilift?

A: Because each individual enquiry differs based on location and duration, we deal with each enquiry individually, call us on 0800 6121140 for more details.

Q: How reliable is the Mobilift?

A: Completely reliable, the absence of batteries, electrical components or hydraulics means that it’s pretty much bulletproof in terms of reliability, it can even be used safely in the event of an emergency evacuation, unlike electrically powered lifts.

Q: If I decide to purchase a Mobilift, what’s the lead time?

A: The Mobilift is manufactured in Canada and we normally say that you need to allow yourself 4-6 weeks, from the date of order, for the lift to be delivered. In the event that you have an urgent requirement sooner than that, we’ll always try and assist you by providing one of our hire units (if available).

Q: How much notice do I need to give for a hire booking?

A: The more notice the better, we have a limited number of hire units and can get extremely busy. If you find out late on, as often happens, that you’ve a disabled guest attending an event, please always ring us, we guarantee we’ll do our best to help.



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