Mobilift CX

The most portable wheelchair lift on the market – Available for purchase and hire

Mobilift CX Portable Wheelchair Lift

Mobilift - Portable Wheelchair Lift in Black

Mobilift - Portable Wheelchair Lift in Black

Available for both purchase and long or short-term hire, the Mobilift CX is a versatile, portable wheelchair lift that provides disabled access onto school stages, outdoor platforms and other elevated structures of up to 1.52m (60 inches). It’s simple to use, extremely maneuverable and is perfect for use at both indoor and outdoor events, whatever the weather.

With in excess of 1000 units in use across the events sector, schools, universities, churches, theatres and listed buildings, a mobile wheelchair lift is the ideal solution for situations where wheelchair ramps would be unrealistically long, where structural modifications are impractical, unattractive, too costly or prohibited due to the building’s historic significance.

Unlike any other portable wheelchair lifts on the market, the Mobilift CX is manually powered making it virtually maintenance free, simple to use and highly portable. The absence of batteries, hydraulic motors and electric components make the Mobilift, portable disabled lift, extremely reliable and safe to use in an emergency evacuation situation. 

When purchasing your Mobilift CX there are numerous adaptations that can be made to ensure the perfect configuration for you, eliminating the need to make costly structural alterations to your premises. We have also invested in a variety of configurations within our hire fleet, allowing us to ensure your customers get the best experience possible.

Deployment and use of the Mobilift CX

‘Loading’ Portable Wheelchair Lift
  • The Mobilift CX loads from a ground ramp which folds down to the platform
  • The Mobilift, mobile wheelchair lift, platform is large enough to accommodate electric wheelchairs or scooters
  • No special training or expertise is required to operate Mobilift
  • Pictogram decals clearly depict the lifts’s operating instructions
  • Self sufficient – no power required
‘Raising’ Mobile Wheelchair Lift
  • 20 seconds is the typical time to the maximum elevation of 1.52m (60inches)
  • 5 lbs of crank force is required to lift 150lbs
  • 11lbs of crank force is required to lift 300 lbs
  • Maximum weight capacity of 600lbs (43st).
  • All lifts are safety tested during production to 3000lbs
‘Exiting’ Manual Wheelchair Lift
  • The Mobilift unloads using a bridge ramp
  • Bridge ramps are available in different length to ‘bridge’ over stairs and other obstacles, making it ideal for use as a portable wheelchair lift for stages
‘Moving & Storage’ of Mobilift Stage Lift
  • The Mobilift moves and stores easily and quickly
  • 4lbs of force is all that’s required to push a Mobilift into position – as easy as moving a shopping trolley
  • Rolls well over uneven ground for outdoor stages or viewing platforms
  • Mobilift weight approximately 265lbs and can be transported in the back of a van e.g. Mercedes Sprinter or VW Crafter.

Dimensions of Standard Mobilift CX 

Dimensions Diagram – Printable version

Plan View and Side Elevation of Mobilift Portable Wheelchair Lift



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